Walkers, 2023
Short film 

 12.00 min 


Two figures (walkers) navigate the otherwise deserted scenes and march like wind-up toys up and down a new constructed road. They seem to lack either care or destination. Security cameras closely monitor their mechanical movements. Or do we see the studio of a film editor, perhaps that of the artist himself? The images are framed by the indications of unidentified computer software or white noise, the disintegrated or yet-to-be-formed building blocks of computer space. Meanwhile, a chorus of construction noise echoes in the background.

In 'Walkers', constructions of the (built) environment and digital manipulations interact in interplay with each other, via both contents and medium. 'Walkers' is a personal reflection of feeling at ease while being sedated through rigidly scripted environments while simultaneously experiencing its dominating force. By alternating concepts of construction, Lüschen aims to provoke an awareness of the constructs that are our own lives. To what extent do 'the sets' we navigate allow us to act authentically?